Cannabis and menopause

Cannabis For Women: What You Need to Know

The cannabis industry is changing. There are more and more female consumers entering the space, and this means that there is a growing demand for products made specifically for women. Some of these products are designed to promote sleep or calm the nerves, whereas others are probiotic supplements created to alleviate the effects of menstrual discomfort. The sudden demand for cannabis products aimed at females is creating a surge in the number of female entrepreneurs entering the marketplace. In order to help meet the needs of these new customers, we’ve compiled a list of valuable information about cannabis use from menstruation to menopause so you can learn what you need to know before making your first purchase.

Period Cramps

A common question that women have about cannabis is its effectiveness in relieving menstrual cramps. When used for this purpose, the effects of the plant are likely to vary depending on the individual’s tolerance and their body chemistry. Cannabis is known to help ease muscle tension and inflammation, which helps relax muscles in the uterus, reducing painful spasms associated with menstruation. There are edible products like cannabis-infused chocolate, cannabis topicals and even vaginal suppositories you can use to combat the pain. For many women, cannabis can also help reduce anxiety and depression, which are common symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The herb can eliminate some of the cramps’ root causes by reducing stress levels, making it easier for our body to deal with them.


It is estimated that endometriosis affects up to 10% of women in the US alone. It can cause pain, infertility and other serious health issues. Medical cannabis has been shown to help ease the pain caused by endometriosis. It has also been shown to regulate hormone levels and menstrual cycles, which can potentially help women become pregnant.

Cannabis offers an alternative form of pain relief for those suffering from this condition, which is completely natural and side effect free compared to the strong pharmaceuticals currently prescribed by doctors. Those who use cannabis report experiencing a reduction in painful side effects related to endometriosis which is why it’s important that the herb be legalized.

Once again, edibles, topicals and suppositories are all viable options for using cannabis to treat endometriosis.


Up to 85% of women have experienced symptoms of PMS before. Symptoms include cramping, fatigue, depression, mood swings and more. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years to help with symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle due to its ability to regulate hormone levels.

Treating PMS and migraines with cannabis can be as simple as taking an edible, smoking a bowl or vaporizing. Consuming cannabis also helps combat bloating which is another common symptom of PMS.

Menopause & Climacteric

Many women experience symptoms such as anxiety, depression and other mood swings during menopause. The use of cannabis has been linked to improving the quality of life for women experiencing menopause and even prolonging it by alleviating the conditions that trigger those changes. It’s also important to note that many CBD products can help balance your hormones, ease your menopause symptoms and help prevent seizures. Cannabinoids like CBD can interact with estrogen receptors, which is why it’s essential to balance your hormones during menopause by making cannabis part of your routine.

Night Sweats/Hot Flushes

Perimenopause and menopause are associated with many symptoms, but the one that is perhaps the most embarrassing for women to deal with is night sweats, also called hot flushes. These can be debilitating, especially when waking up at night and interrupting sleep patterns. Edible cannabis products such as cannabis-infused chocolate or topical ointments can be a discreet way of dealing with these symptoms.

Cannabis is a safe alternative to prescription drugs. Research shows that cannabis can ease pain and help you relax with no adverse side effects. Cannabis also has the added benefit of fighting cancer, improving your mood by regulating hormones, relieving PMS symptoms and even prolonging menopause. If you’re a woman entering the cannabis space, there are options that may be right for you. Whether you want to boost your sex life, alleviate menstrual pain or need relief from menopause symptoms, look no further than the many benefits of medical marijuana.