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Tuesday trivia 8pm

Come test your knowledge of music, history, geography, movies, pop culture, strange facts about upstate New York, and your ability to simultaneously walk and dance your answers up to the trivia table with our host Kevin Sailsbury.

Play as a team or go at it solo

1st place - $50 gift card
2nd place - a round of PBR's
3rd place - $1 for your team

and a special recognition for last place...


Steve Fox

thursday comedy night

Thursdays at Divine mean its time to laugh your ass off. Every week there is a new line up booked by our host Kevin Sailsbury. This Thursday (8/10) we have...

Bob Kitson (Park Slope Comedy Festival)
Lori Palminteri (Live at Gotham)
Will Winner (The Good, The Dad, and tje Ugly podcast)
Ariel Elias (Someecards)
Tracey Carnazzo (Neurotica Podcast)
Angela Cobb (SIRIUSXM)
Matthew Marango (HBO)
Nore Davis (Comedy Central, MTV)