April 2017

Does Delta 8 THC Help with Sleep 

With this getting more popularity than ever before, a lot of early adopters are reporting that it could be a good sleep aid. But is it worth the hype. 

For those who don’t know what delta-8 THC is, this is a type of psychoactive ingredient that’s in there, considered legal THC. 

Unlike delta-9, which causes the hallucinogenic effects, this is a synthesized THC that’s put into products. It’s similar to regular THC, but different enough that it isn’t regulated like how other THC products are.  This means that they do create some similar euphoric effects, and it’s considered the middle ground between THC and CBD for most people. 

There is still some stuff to learn about this, but the scientific research on this is still early on. What we do know though are anecdotal effects, but there are customers who report that there are results with this which are real. It creates a “high” that isn’t as strong as regular THC, and it definitely can make a good medium for those who would like to use THC products but find regular THC too strong. 

There is some retailers that are trying to use this as well to help people sleep better, especially in states that still prohibit the use of cannabis. 

Does it really work though? Well, like other cannabinoids, this does affect the body in a unique way, so everyone’s different. But for those who are already using this, it definitely can. 

Does t Help you Fall Asleep

For a lot of people yes. 

For some people who have ben on medication for years, only to wean themselves with a lot of sleep issues to follow, the delta 8 types of variants are great for helping you stay asleep. 

After they used detla-8, they would say that they finally were able to get a good night’s rest. 

Usually, those who describe it say that it feels like a massage, where it takes about an hour for them to fall asleep, and then they’re able to do so. 

This is something that’s become popular amongst people who have tried literally everything, until they tried out delta 8.  Some of them say that they’ve even forgone the pills to use the delta8 product to help with sleep. 

Thais Varela/Stocksy United

Some people even mention that they’ve used prescriptions, melatonin, the whole nine yards. But then, after they took one gummy, after about 30 or so minutes, they were out completely. 

For some people who use this, they even mention it’s worked better than CBD and other products. 

Those who tired to use this as an alternative to CBD found that it works well, and it’s potent. But they all say that you should start out with a dose or two and nothing too huge to figure out how you feel. 

It’s good as well for those who struggle with anxiety that comes with sleep problems. CBD does help some people, but a lot of people do think that delta-8 is the true game changer for a lot of them, especially in places where higher concentrations of THC aren’t available for them to use. 

This is something that is good for a lot of people, especially if they also have chronic pain too. Those who suffer from spinal conditions do end up falling asleep, and they notice that the delta 8 is really good for a lot of them, since it doe shlep to turn off the pain. 

While THC isn’t fully legal everywhere, the delta-8 variants are good for those who truly do need this type of product. 

Does CBD help with Cancer Treatment 

According to The Emperor of all Maladies Siddhartha Mukerjee saw that there were a few diseases that strike fear like cancer does. With billions being spent to help recue the cancer rates, and various treatments that are rough to go through, some people want to find something that is effective, and helpful. 

There is one that’s started to sweep the world and that is cannabis.  There is preclinical research which says that some cannabinoids, including CBD, may have anticancer and also reduce s the tumors in some people. 

But how does that translate to the human body, which is a more complex and dynamic sort of place. 

In a review, some researchers located in Bulgaria found that there are anticancer effects with CBD products, and there was a tentative map which showed that the CBD could help and support typical cancer forms of treatments. 

The studies does dive into the effects of this, and also how it can work on different cancer cells. It also looked into how combined with drugs, this may offer a synergy that’s good and offers potential outcomes for many people too. 

How does This Target cancer 

This is because of the cannabinoids made by the body and the cannabinoids within the plant that play a role in controlling the pathways which affect cancer. This can affect how the cells grow, spread, or even migrate. 

The use of this is controversial since it can have some psychoactive effects. But CBD is definitely an alternative since it doesn’t have THC within it like the other products, and it has similar compounds. 

It has been found that this does reduce the progression and growth of tumors in different areas. Breast, colon, and lung cancer all showcase this. 

According to Dr. Dustin Sulak, who is an integrative position and the founder of Healer.com, he’s discovered that through a lot of animal and cell experiments, there is a lot of evidence that provides the direct anticancer effects of such. 

CBD does rarely cause these effects, and instead offers relief in a lot of cases that are useful as a sort of addition to THC in a lot of cases. 

Researchers are also digging into whether or not this works with some drugs used for chemotherapy, and how by using this, you can transition to better treatments for cancer patients. 

CBD and Cancer 

According to that 2020 Bulgarian review that we mentioned earlier, the team did find some evidence that showed that there is some benefit to using CBD in certain types of cancers. 

Here is what we’ve found in the most common types of diseases. 

For breast cancer, there was an inhibitory effect on these tumor cells, specifically those that are in the MCF-7 cell line, which is used to help research the cancer treatment drugs.  The researchers that found that the CBD offers a more powerful means to halt the spread of these cancer cells compared to cannabinoids of similar types. 

For lung cancer, there was research that was found back in 2012 that discovered that CBD offered a mechanism that reduced the spread of tumors in lung cancer. It also shows that CBD does encourage death to the cancer cells, specifically lung tumors. 

Finally, for prostate cancer, there were different experiments, but it showed that the CBD does decrease the androgen expression receptors, which does influence the progression and even the creation of prostate cancer. The inhibition of these receptors may delay the progression too. 

It can help, but there I still research to be done on this too.